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Cat. No. 11329W Form 1040EZ 2017 Page 2 Use this form Your filing status is single or married filing jointly. If you are planning to use Form 1040EZ for a child who received Alaska Permanent Fund dividends see instructions. If the total is over 1 500 you cannot use Form 1040EZ. Unemployment compensation and Alaska Permanent Fund dividends see instructions. But if you earned tips including allocated tips that are not included in box 5 and box 7 of your Form W-2 you may not be able to use Form...
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"Citizenship Status: United States". Zip Code: First name: Last name: Sex: Male Female Age of Residence (in years) Age of Residence (in years) Foreign Born in U.S. (no. of weeks) Foreign Born in U.S. (no. of weeks) Citizenship Status: United States If your status is not listed, do not file this return. Citizenship Status: Non-U.S. If you are a permanent resident by birth overseas, or are unable to determine your citizenship status, you may be eligible for benefits under the Social Security Act or Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI). These programs provide cash benefits to some individuals who were born in the U.S. and may be eligible for Medicare. You may also choose to file an application for "undocumented status". Note : If you are a U.S. citizen, or have a green card, and you file a New Citizen Application (for more information on these types of applications, see our Social Security Web Site) , you are a "permanent resident" even if you do not have permission to remain in the U.S. . (See our Social Security Web Site) , you are a "permanent resident" even if you do not have permission to remain in the U.S. If you are not a U.S. citizen, and are not a permanent resident, or have already applied for deferred action, you do not need authorization or authorization to remain in the U.S. If you cannot file this return: If you cannot be located (see the instructions on this page, and file them yourself if you can do so) , you may be eligible to fill out the Form 1040-K and form W-4 and have them filed, but we will not accept their information. You must submit the required information to us, either by mailing it to USMIL, or faxing it to (212) 947-6300, or using our online file submission.<|endoftext|>(CNN) It looks like your usual trip to Starbucks. But this time, a group of men in masks will be trying to get your coffee order wrong. For their next stunt, a group of anonymous male college students from San Francisco are going to "hack" the world's coffee chains. If, or when,

Who Needs Form 1040EZ?

Form 1040EZ is one of the shortest forms out of the myriad of tax returns. However, there are some things that need to be clarified. Form 1040EZ is designed for:

  • Single and married individuals who want to file jointly
  • People with no dependents
  • Taxpayers with the income less than $100,000 and interest income less than $1,500

If you fall within any of the categories, you may fill out form 1040EZ.

What is Form 1040EZ for?

Form 1040EZ is for taxpayers with a straightforward situation. The form allows them to report their annual income fast. The form includes only basic information so it eliminates confusion about calculating a refund or the amount a person might owe the IRS.  

Is Form 1040EZ Accompanied by Other Forms?

Form 1040EZ  requires only Form W-2 to be attached.

When is Form 1040EZ Due?

The Income Tax return for Single and Joint Filers with no Dependents is due on April, 18th 2017.

How do I Fill out Form 1040EZ?

Form 1040EZ is a one-page form with only 14 fields. The form requires such information as:

  • Common information identification information
  • The income section includes wages, taxable interest, unemployment compensation, etc
  • Payments, credits and tax that consists of federal income tax, earned income credit
  • Refund
  • The amount owed
  • Signature

The return may be filed jointly. If this is the case, fill out the special field with the information about the third party. There is also a section for tax consultants who help a taxpayer complete the form. This is an optional line.

Where do I Send Form 1040EZ?

Form 1040EZ must be mailed to the IRS. The address is shown on the last page of the instructions for the form.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1040ez
Instructions and Help about form 1040ez
okay in this video were going to talk about how to fill out a 1040 EZ federal tax form now the reason were only focusing on a 1040 EZ its because of the fact that this is the most common form that you will ever fill out when doing your taxes now lets go and get started what youre going to need is a w-2 a 1040ez form as well as the tax table now Im going to provide all of that on the on this video here so if you have one of my worksheets or if you have something else that you can go along with and feel free lets go and get start all right step 1 use the W - now the w2 it looks like this this is the form that you get every year from your employer all right it tells you how much money you make how much money you have paid in taxes state federal all that its basically a snapshot or a progress report if you will of how much money youve made financially for your know for your for job for your job so the first thing I want to look at is how much money did you make so how much money you made was right here on the first line seventy-six thousand three hundred and fifty now going to my 1040 EZ thats what Im gonna put here seventy-six thousand and I just forgot exactly how much it was 350 so seventy-six thousand three hundred and fifty okay now for this particular example and the ones that were gonna do in this class lines two and three it talks about taxable interest meaning if you got money off of maybe a savings account or something or step or line three is unemployment just in you know if you didnt have a job but youre getting on unemployment check thats what you would fill in for two and three but were just gonna skip two and three all right now add lines one two and three so were at seventy six thousand three hundred and fifty okay now most of what you have to do is I mean it tells you on the line what exactly youre supposed to do but but yeah but anyway okay so if someone can claim used line five now we are going - always in this class just claim yourself okay and it says my filing jointly and all that stuff were just gonna hold off but it says enter the amount on the worksheet on back all right so here youre going to take your form go to the back and this is a small little equation with itself alright so Im out if any from line one well you remember thats how much money you made which was seventy six thousand three fifty so that will be put right here so seventy six thousand three fifty now what were gonna add is were going to add three hundred and fifty now thats a number that is predetermined by the federal government so just dont go crazy on figuring out where that came from alright now now were on line C enter the larger of a or B so A or B we have seventy six thousand seven hundred and we got 1050 obviously seventy-six thousand is larger I remember just follow along with the directions of your of each line it says maximum standard deduction if youre single which we will be for this entire unit were single were going to enter sixty three...
What is 1040ez form?
IRS Form 1040EZ is the simplest of the three tax forms you can use to file your federal income taxes. If your taxable income is less than $100,000, you don't claim any dependents and you file as single or are married filing jointly, then you may be eligible to file Form 1040EZ.
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